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⌚🕛⏰PAPA K. 運輸推薦達 手錶 The Horse

手錶, 一種時尚與個性的象徵


澳洲品牌The Horse 。精緻材質 。 遊走時尚

(以下資訊源自The Horse官方網站)

🇦🇺#澳洲 The Horse #手錶


依照設計理念"買一次 買的好"

☑機芯 - 一律採用採用日本 Miyota 的機芯

☑錶殼不鏽鋼 - 一律採用外科醫療用的316L最高品質不鏽鋼

☑真皮皮革 - 經典義大利真皮皮革錶帶




The Horse 官方網站:


📥下訂單直接寄送至PAPA K.澳洲倉庫

就可以由PAPA K.運輸至🌎世界各地囉






PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery

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Watch, a sign of Fashion and Personality.

A classic watch is able to dress up your style ✨

Australia brand "The Horse" 。 Finest Material 。 Fashion

(The following information is from The Horse official website)

🇦🇺#Australia The Horse #Watches

📖 Brand:

According to the idea of design "buying once, and buying well"

☑ Cassette mechanism - made by Japan "Miyota"

☑ Stainless steel watch case - use the highest quality stainless steel from medical use

☑ Classic leathers - made by Italian real strap

☑ 3 ATM waterproof function

🎁 Product Discount:

Big sales for classic leather watches, save almost $90 off per items

The Horse official website:

Purchase in 🇦🇺Australia online shopping website

📥Order and send to PAPA K. Australia warehouse

It would only take about 7 work days from PAPA K. Australia warehouse to your location including local delivery

Internet shopping details:


🎈 Products are not only available on official websites

🎈 There are many shopping websites with a lot of different prices

🎈 Make sure to check the business is credible before purchase

PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery

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