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☑臉 ☑手 ☑身體和頭髮 ☑芳香療法



這裡逛: http://www.jurlique.com.au/sale

Jurlique 官方網站: http://www.jurlique.com.au/

(購買前請先與PAPA K.專員詢問運輸建議)


訂購後寄送至PAPA K.當地倉庫

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購物詳情: https://goo.gl/qMh9U2

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完整估價攻略: https://goo.gl/uJTdAi

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Natural+Science=Beauty. Jurlique Top Australia beauty brand

💡 Important news:

According to Australia day, PAPA K. day off on 26 Jan 2018

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📖 Brand:

Caring for the Earth, Jurlique promise at Jurlique is to embrace change, which is why Jurlique committed to minimising the environmental footprint each day.

Jurlique strives to review our process from seed to skin to make the operations more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Jurlique believes that when it comes to skincare, health, and wellbeing, nature is the answer.

Nature has the ultimate power to create, nurture and soothe.

🛒 Products:

☑Face ☑Hands ☑Body&Hair ☑Aromatherapy

🎁 Product Discount:

Up to 20% off on selected products

Shop here: http://www.jurlique.com.au/sale

Jurlique Official Website: http://www.jurlique.com.au/

(Please ask PAPA K. for Delivery advice before purchase)

Australia 🇦🇺 Internet purchase

The official website delivery price is more expensive

Purchasing from Australia and send to Local PAPA K. warehouse is recommended

PAPA K. will take care the rest of international delivery

International Online Shopping details: https://goo.gl/qMh9U2

✈ Australia 🇦🇺 to Taiwan 🇹🇼

Inquiry details: https://goo.gl/uJTdAi

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