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📦運輸冷知識📦: 後送行李。解決您回國的額外過重行李問題

💡什麼是 "後送行李" ?

當您入境時行李沒有跟著一起上飛機或船 ✈

日後才寄送之行李稱為 "不隨身行李" 或 "後送行李"

💡為什麼要使用 "後送行李" ?





💡什麼時候適合使用 "後送行李" 呢?

🏡移民搬家 🎒背包客 🌏旅行回國 等



💡如何使用PAPA K. 國際物流運輸將 "後送行李" 寄回國呢?




📌使用後送行李者需提供: (以下會依各國當地海關需求而變動)




💡"後送行李" 應自旅客入境隔天起6個月內裝運進口



如果您有任何關於 #國際運輸 #後送行李 #進口報關 #免稅額 相關問題


PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery

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📦Delivery Knowledge📦: Unaccompanied baggage, Solution on flying with any Extra or Overweight baggage

💡 What is unaccompanied baggage?

Baggage that does not deliver together with any onboard passenger, but will deliver in future, which is named unaccompanied baggage

💡 Why use the unaccompanied baggage?

The duty-free allowance for unaccompanied baggage will be more than general baggage

Taiwan as example:

General baggage duty-free allowance is NTD 2,000

Unaccompanied duty-free allowance is NTD 20,000

💡 Who is recommended to use the unaccompanied baggage?

🏡 Immigration/ house moving 🎒 Backpacker 🌏 Traveler etc

When there are too many luggage or heavy baggage that cannot be entered at the same time with passengers arrived

Unaccompanied baggage can be one of your solutions

💡 How to international delivery unaccompanied baggage back to the country by PAPA K.?

(Sender must enter the country before the unaccompanied baggage arrived and applies to customs)

Simple steps:

Send the baggage to PAPA K. warehouse ➡ Traveler enter the country ➡ Applies to customs for unaccompanied baggage➡ Provide the customs document ➡ Sign for received

📌 Provide the following document when using unaccompanied baggage: (The following document depends on the local customs requirements)

☑ The entry stamp on the passport

☑ Air ticket for this entry

☑ ID Card or passport copy

💡Unaccompanied baggage must be shipped within 6 months from the day passenger arrived the country and must be applied to the customs within 15 days after the day the unaccompanied baggage arrived

If you have any questions about #InternationalDelivery #ImportTariff #Allowance

Please feel free to share with us

PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery

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