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📍自用食品進口: 重量在6公斤以內 (若有海關查驗可能會打開)

📍自用保健食品等營養品進口: 每種最多12瓶,總數可達36瓶


📍護膚化妝保養品 個別建議數量20罐/條



例如: 🔮香水🔪刀🕯蠟燭☠含藥物品 等

如果您有任何關於 #國際運輸 #進口報關 #免稅額 相關問題


PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery

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🇹🇼Taiwan express import customs knowledge

Ever since 2018 Taiwan import allowance changed

In order to avoid the problem of taxation, there might have some difficulties in packaging and fill out documents

Here, we provide some clearance knowledge for everyone

📦 The following packaging recommendation for express customs clearance

Taiwan import suggestion

📍 Import of foods for personal use: total weight has to be less than 6 kg (If customs inspection may open the package)

📍 Self-use health food and other nutrition products imports: each type is up to 12 bottles, the total number for all is up to 36 bottles

📍 Essential oil under 200ml is recommended up to 20 cans (over 200ml product need to be assessed)

📍 Skin care products, individual product recommendations of the number up to 20 cans

📍 Imports of alcohol under 5 liters (non-British whiskey) can be deliver

All contents to deliver 🚫 Pressure tank 🚫Inflammable mark 🚫 Dangerous goods related documents are necessary

Ex: 🔮 Perfume 🔪 Knife 🕯 Candle ☠ Contain with drugs etc.

If you have any questions about #InternationalDelivery #ImportTariff #Allowance

Please feel free to share with us

PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery

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