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🛫🎌🚢PAPA K. 運輸知識達 空運 海運 Delivery Knowledge Air/Ocean Freight

#空運 #海運 #運輸方式 #包裹 #代購 #搬家 #行李箱 #生活用品 #大型商業 ✈空運 VS. 海運⛴ 是否認為空運比海運貴呢?🤔 讓我們來了解什麼樣的包裹適合何種運輸吧 (以下資訊僅已🇦🇺澳洲至台灣🇹🇼為例)

✈空運 💰依照外箱材積與實際重量孰重法來計費(KG) 如果大約30kg的澳洲運輸空運只需要每公斤AUD8* ⏱運輸時間約 7 個工作天左右 📦適合包裹 ☑留學生行李 ☑簡單代購 ☑運一些書籍 ☑生活用品

⛴海運 💰海運主要以CBM(立方公尺)來計費 起跳價約AUD1000*起跳 ⏱運輸時間約一個半月左右 📦適合包裹 ☑大規模的搬家 ☑大型商業運輸

因此, 如果包裹未達1CBM(100*100*100cm)或200kg以上 空運運輸將會是您的最佳選擇喔

如果您有任何關於 #海運 #空運 #國際運輸 的相關問題🤓 歡迎一同留言分享喔 更多小知識請搜尋 #運輸小知識

PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery 📷👍 粉絲專頁: 📷🎩 官方網站: 📷📫 電子郵件: 📷🍀 LINE : (ID: @lia4960t)


🛫🎌🚢 PAPA K. #AirFreight #OceanFreight #DeliveryKnowledge

✈ Air Freight vs. Ocean Freight⛴ People usually have the impression that air freight is more expensive than ocean freight? 🤔 Let's find out what kind of package is suitable for which type of shipping (Taking the example of 🇦🇺 Austraila to 🇹🇼Taiwan for the following information.)

✈ Air Freight 💰 Based on the Volume weight and Actual weight(kg) Ship a package about 30 kg in air freight, shipping price will be at AUD8* per KG only. ⏱ Delivery duration is about 7 working days 📦 Package ☑ Students Luggage ☑ Purchasing Broke ☑ Books ☑ Necessities

⛴ Ocean Freight 💰 Normally shipping price is more than AUD1000* Shipping Price rate as per CBM (Cubic Meter) ⏱ Delivery duration is around one and a half month 📦 Package ☑ House Moving ☑ Commercial Shipping

Therefore, if the package is NOT over 1CBM (100*100*100 cm) nor over 200kg, then, Air Freight will be your best option.

If you have any further inquiry about #InternationalDelivery #AirFreight #OceanFreight Please do not hesitate to leave your comment for us❗

PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery 👍 Fan Page: 🎩 Official Website: 📫 Email: Info.Papa.K@Gmail.Com 🍀 LINE : (ID: @lia4960t)

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