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🛫✈🛬PAPA K. 運輸小知識 空運 Delivery Knowledge Air Freight

您知道空運要有什麼要注意的嗎? 小編來為您介紹一些關於空運的小撇步吧~😤 (以下資訊僅供參考)

🛩空運 因高空關係而產生的溫度及低壓

🌡溫度: 一般飛機行徑時溫度會達到約4-8度左右 相關處理: 1.了解包裹需保持的溫度範圍 2.運輸前提醒PAPA K. 專員告知運送中包裹需要的溫度

🏔低壓: 造成一些 #密封包裝 產品膨脹 若沒有做相關處理可能會有爆掉的形況發生 相關處理: 1.建議使用真空包裝以避免物品膨脹 2.建議將部分密封包裝產品運輸前打開將空氣盡可能放完,再重新密封包裝

如果您有任何關於 #空運 #海運 #國際運輸 的相關問題🤓 更多小知識請搜尋 #運輸小知識 歡迎一同留言分享喔 (與各位預告下週同一時間小編將介紹海運的相關知識唷)

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🛫✈🛬 Papa k. #ShippingKnowledge #AirDelivery There are few things you might not know when air shipping packages Let's see some tips (The following information is just for your reference only.)

🛩 International Air Delivery When flight get high-altitude, temperature and pressure will drop low

🌡 Temperature: The temperature will reach about 4-8 degrees when the flight get high-altitude How to prepare: 1. Understand the temperature range required for the package 2. Before shipping, inform PAPA K. commissioner about the temperature of the package.

🏔 Low pressure: Due to the air pressure during air delivery, sealed packaging of product might get damaged

How to prepare: 1. Use of vacuum packaging to avoid the expansion of items are recommended 2. It is recommended that before shipping release some air in the package and reseal the package

If you have any further inquiry about #InternationalDelivery #AirDelviery Please do not hesitate to leave your comment for us❗ (Next episode on #ShippingKnowledge, we are going to introduce the sea delivery)

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