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📷🛥📷🚢📷⛴PAPA K. 運輸小知識 海運 Delivery Knowledge Ocean Freight

近期超夯的 #IG打卡點 大家都去 #彩色貨櫃屋 拍照 但是您知道~海運中的貨櫃有哪幾種嗎😏 今天就來介紹海運貨櫃的相關知識囉🏗 (以下資訊僅為分享,詳細資訊依照現場貨櫃資訊為主)

📍常見 #貨櫃 : ➡#20尺櫃 (20GP)➡#40尺櫃 (40GP)➡#40高櫃 (40HQ)➡#45尺櫃(45GP) 基本運輸無特殊物品要求皆是使用此類型運輸 用途: ☑大規模的搬家🏡


📍#特種集裝箱: (僅舉三項常見特殊櫃,若有其他需求歡迎詢問) ❄#冷藏集裝箱: 運輸冷凍食品為主 用途: 📷☑保持所定低溫的保溫集裝箱 🏎#汽車集裝箱: 用途: 📷☑專門裝運小型汽車 🍎#通風集裝箱: 側壁或頂壁上設有若干供通風用的窗口 用途: ☑適用於裝運有一定通風和防潮濕要求的雜貨,如水果、蔬菜等

如果您有任何關於 #海運 #國際運輸 的相關問題🤓 更多小知識請搜尋 #運輸小知識 歡迎一同留言分享喔

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🛥🚢⛴ PAPA K. #DeliveryKnowledge #SeaDelivery #OceanFreight

Colorful container house, the famous Instagram check-in spot, with the popular discussion. And, do you know that there are many types of container in ocean freight? Here is some common knowledge, let's go! (The following information are just for reference only)

📍Common Container: ➡ 20-foot Equivalent Unit (20 GP) ➡ 40-foot Equivalent Unit (40 GP) ➡ 40-foot High Equivalent Unit (40 HQ) ➡ 45-foot Equivalent Unit (45 GP) These type of container are used on basic freight without special items requires Purpose: ☑ Large-scale moving 🏡

Other types of containers are commonly referred to as special containers.

📍Special Containers: (Here are only three example for special containers, if there are any further inquiry please feel free to ask) ❄ #FrozenContainer Delivery of frozen food Purpose: ☑ Maintain cryogenic containers at low temperatures 🏎 #CarContainer Purpose: ☑ Small cars 🍎 #VentilationContainer There are a number of windows for ventilation on the side wall or roof. Purpose: ☑ For groceries with certain ventilation and damp moisture requirements, such as fruit, vegetables, etc.

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