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❤👄💄PAPA K. 運輸熱門寄 口紅Popular KarenMurrell

據說每個女生一生中會吃下約兩公斤的口紅😣 而部分口紅含有重金屬和染料🎨 為了身體著想 要吃也吃點天然的東西吧🤣 澳洲品牌Karen Murrell全天然口紅 (以下資訊僅供參考)

🇦🇺#澳洲 Karen Murrell 💄#口紅 ❣產品特色: 孕婦可用採取純天然有機植物口紅,完全無毒 不使用礦物油 不使用動物身上提取的材料 不使用化學防腐劑也不含人工色素、人工香料等有害物質 🌹成分: ✅墨西哥蜡大戟✅巴西棕橌✅甜橙&肉桂✅荷荷巴油✅牛油果&月見草✅金盞花 🔖澳洲Karen Murrell官方網站:

透過🇦🇺澳洲網路購買 📥下訂單直接寄送至PAPA K.澳洲倉庫 就可以由PAPA K.運輸至🌎世界各地囉 購物詳情:

如果您有任何關於 #代購 #代購運輸 #口紅 的相關問題 或是想從小編這知道什麼樣的商品🤓 歡迎一同留言分享喔❗

PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery 👍 粉絲專頁: 🎩 官方網站: 📫 電子郵件: 🍀 LINE : (ID: @lia4960t)


According to the research shows that every girl will eat about 2 KG of lipstick in their lifetime 😣 Most of the lipstick contains with heavy metal and dye🎨, which is no good for your healthcare. Karen Murrell 🇦🇺, all lipsticks are naturally made, which brings no worry in balancing your beauty and health for the rest of your life. (The following information is for reference only)

🇦🇺#Australia Karen Murrell 💄#Lipstick ❣ Product features: Pure natural organic plant lipstick that Pregnant Women can use No mineral oils No materials extracted from animals No chemical preservatives, as well as artificial pigment, artificial spices, etc 🌹 Ingredients: ✅ Mexican wax euphorbia ✅ Brazilian brown ✅ Sweet orange & cinnamon ✅ Jojoba oil ✅ Shea fruit & Evening primrose ✅ Pot Marigold 🔖 Australia Karen Murrell Official Website:

Purchase on 🇦🇺Australia online shopping website 📥Order and send to PAPA K. Australia warehouse It would only take about 7 work days from PAPA K. Australia warehouse to your location including local delivery Internet shopping details:

If you have any further inquiry about #InternationalDelivery #OnlineShopping #CustomsClearance Or any kind of product you are interested in about?🤓 Please do not hesitate to leave your comment for us

PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery 👍 Fan Page: 🎩 Official Website: 📫 Email: Info.Papa.K@Gmail.Com 🍀 LINE : (ID: @lia4960t)

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