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🇬🇧#英國 #TWININGS #茶葉 #茶包 起源自英國倫敦的唐寧倫茶店 擁有長達3世紀的絕品好味道 🍃產品亮點: 源自1706年的悠遠茶香 100%天然有機&貿易認證茶 給予味蕾清晨般的活潑朝氣 輕快的芬芳、濃郁的口感 購買推薦地點: 🇦🇺澳洲🇺🇸美國 🔖TWININGS官方網站: https://twinings.com.au/

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This Tea ~ I LOVE IT 🤤 For today's Super delivery products TWININGS It is said that TWININGS tea is as perfect as Taiwan tea (The following information is just for your reference only)

🇬🇧#UnitedKingdom #TWININGS #Tea #TeaBag TWININGS History In a time when coffee was king, one man, Thomas Twining, went against the tide to share his love of tea His passion turned a little-known drink into the nation’s favorite hot beverage. For us, tea is more than just a drink It's been part of our daily lives and the lives of generations of tea lovers for over 300 years 🍃 Product Description: Original test from 1706 100% Organic & Fair Trade Certified Tea A Refreshing Herbal Tea with a Pleasantly Sweet Taste and Uplifting Aroma USDA Organic Tea is a Natural Source of Antioxidants Recommended purchase location: 🇦🇺 Australia 🇺🇸 USA 🔖 TWININGS Official Website: https://twinings.com.au/

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