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#PANDORA #代購合作 #代購運輸 #澳洲空運 #澳洲快遞 Pandora在各國皆有獨特當地代表的款式 收集屬於您的代表性首飾 不需要環遊世界🌏 就可以創造世界性屬於您的個性手環😍

小提醒: 🎈小型包裹建議使用團寄運費較為優惠 🎈請賣家或店家使用國際運輸標準包裝

美國🇺🇸澳洲🇦🇺越南🇻🇳 透過網路購物寄送到PAPA K.各國倉庫 再由PAPA K.寄送至回國 購物詳情: https://goo.gl/srkMU8 PANDORA澳洲官方網站: http://www.pandora.net/en-au

📤報關需注意事項可以參考之前的文章 #運輸熱門寄 #運輸規劃寄 購買前提供商品✔照片✔數量 PAPA K.將會提供運輸相關建議唷

如果您有任何關於 #代購 #代購運輸 #報關 的相關問題 或是想從小編這知道什麼樣的商品🤓 歡迎一同留言分享喔

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All over the world, #Pandora has many unique pieces of #jewelryrepresent the country or yourself Now, there is no need to travel around the world for collection anymore🌏 Through PAPA K, you can create an internationally unique #bracelet😍

Reminding: 🎈Group shipping is recommended when shipping small packages 🎈Ask the sellers or stores to provide the international delivery standard packaging

USA 🇺🇸 AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 VIETNAM 🇻🇳 Purchasing from local official website and send to Local PAPA K. warehouse PAPA K. will take care the rest of international delivery Shopping Details: https://goo.gl/srkMU8 PANDORA Australia Official Website: http://www.pandora.net/en-au

📤Customs Clearance, please follow the prior post #DeliveryNotice#CustomsClearance Prepare the ✔number of the products ✔photos ✔website You will get a professional recommendation for your parcel. How easy can that be?

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