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🍾🍸🍶PAPA K. 運輸規劃寄 酒 Ideas Liquor

#代運運輸 #代貨運輸 #國際運輸 #網路購物 想要品嘗世界級舌尖上的享受🥂 簡單的酒類國際運輸 家🏠也可以變成您國際品酒的伸展台 (以下資訊僅供建議參考使用,若有任何稅金產生一律實報實銷)

🍺台灣進口酒類運輸: ☑ 酒類進口不超過五公升 ☑ 需要使用私人名義運輸 ☑ 完稅價格低於USD$1,000以下 ☑ 英國產威士忌酒類需要產地證明

✈澳洲🇦🇺寄台灣🇹🇼 抽獎活動倒數六天 參加活動抽獎最大獎可享有「6.5 per KG」優惠😝 中秋萬聖運輸活動詳情:

如果您有任何關於 #代運 #酒類運輸 的相關問題 或是想從小編這知道什麼樣的商品🤓 歡迎一同留言分享喔

PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery 👍 粉絲專頁: 🎩 官方網站: 📫 電子郵件: 🍀 LINE : (ID: @lia4960t)


International Liquor Delivery in just Simple Steps You are able to taste the enjoyment of world-class liquor Home, can also become your international liquor expo (The following information is recommended for reference only, and if there is any clearance related charges, all at cost)

🍺Tips for Liquor International Delivery to Taiwan: ☑ Liquor Imports can not over 5-liters ☑ Personal effect clearance ☑ Under USD$ 1,000 duty-paid price ☑ Liquor whiskey produce from British, proof of origin is required

✈Australia🇦🇺 to Taiwan🇹🇼 Lucky draw countdown for 6 days Chance to have minimum "6.5 per KG" discount 😝 Festival Discount details:

If you have any further inquiry about #InternationalOnlineShopping #CustomsClearance Or any kind of product you are interested in about?🤓 Please do not hesitate to leave your comment for us

PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery 👍 Fan Page: 🎩 Official Website: 📫 Email: Info.Papa.K@Gmail.Com 🍀 LINE : (ID: @lia4960t)

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