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PAPA K. 【冠軍紅包現折運費 AUD88】#只要留言就有機會

PAPA K. 【紅包現折運費 AUD88】





🎁 活動辦法 (完成活動超簡單)

最大運費優惠 AUD88


於活動文章頁面 "按讚"+"留言+TAG"

留言名氣(讚數) 👑 最高者 👑


得獎名單於 19 Feb 2018

PAPA K.各大社群網站公布


✈澳洲🇦🇺 到台灣🇹🇼


✈美國 🇺🇸 到台灣🇹🇼


#運輸活動送 #過年 #運輸優惠 #運輸折扣

🛫PAPA K.國際物流運輸 International Delivery🛬




🍀LINE : (ID: @lia4960t)

🐦 Twitter:


PAPA K.【Delivery Discounts of AUD88】

🏮The Chinese New Year is here, limited New year discount is waiting for you to gets

Purchase a gift from overseas is definitely the best gift with family reunion😍

💡 Complete the event with simple steps

🎁Event up to 18 Feb 2018 00:00 (GMT+ 8)

Simply complete the Event Instruction:

Under the event article page

"like" us & " tag friends + Comment a blessing message of the year of dog "

👑 the Most Popular Comment 👑 ("like" amount),

Get the AUD Delivery Discount of the CNY 2018 ✨

The Winner List will be announced on 19 Feb 2018

At all PAPA K. Social Media Sites

✈ Australia 🇦🇺 to Taiwan 🇹🇼

Inquiry details:

✈U.S.A. 🇺🇸 to Taiwan🇹🇼

Inquiry details:

#DeliveryDiscount #NewYear #InternationalDelivery #Discount

PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery

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🎩 Official Website:

📫 Email:

🍀 LINE : (ID: @lia4960t)

🐦 Twitter:

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