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📦運輸包裝/ 🚛運輸取件/ 📑運輸條款

很重要! 很重要! 超級世界無敵重要!



內容物包裝建議使用✅ #氣泡紙 ✅#泡棉✅ #衣服✅ #報紙 等填滿整個紙箱







包裝部分要由客人自行完成,PAPA K不參與包裝過程,若有問題皆自行負責。當然如果對包裝上有任何疑慮,可以準備好後拍照提供我們,先不要封箱,我們可以給予包裝上的相關建議


PAPA K. 運輸包裝:






PAPA K. 取件方式:


所有PAPA K.國際運輸中



✔同意委任PAPA K.公司此次運輸


(包裹皆由客人自行包裝,PAPA K.不參與包裝過程)



PAPA K.官方網站運輸條款:



PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery

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💡 Three Important Tips for International Delivery 💡

📦 Packaging/ 🚛 Pick-up service/ 📑 Shipping regulation

Important! Important! Very Super Super Important!

📦 Packaging

Packaging is very important part of International Delivery

Content packaging suggest filling the whole box with ✅ #Bubble paper ✅ #Bubble ✅ #Clothes ✅ #Newspapers, etc

✔ Causing the content of the parcel to drift if too much internal space

✔ Glass cans products, please package it in a separate bubble paper individually

✔ Liquid products, please enhance the bottleneck the packaging

✔ Step up and around the box to strengthen the buffer (Paper / Cloth/bubble paper, etc.)

After finish packaging, use "Large tape" in the outer box to bind the entire package is recommended

It can make the package stronger and harder and also a little waterproof

The Packaging will be completed by the guests, and PAPA K will not be involved in the packing process

If there is any problem with packaging, please provide a photo of your parcel before seal up

We will give some packaging suggestion

For more International Delivery packaging suggestions, please link:

🚛 Pick-up service

Courier pick-up culture can be different between countries

For example, one of Australia pick-up method is to place the parcel outside the door

When local drivers arrive at the scene, they will be able to complete the parcels pick-up by themselves

Don't even need to stay at home and wait for the driver's arrival.

PAPA K. Pick-up service:

📑 Shipping contract & Shipping terms and condition

Every single delivery of PAPA K.International Delivery, the sender has to fill up the "Shipping contract" when supply the documents

It the contract, the sender agrees to the following condition:

✔ Agree to appoint PAPA K. to deliver this shipment

✔ Agreed to ship the package as customer provide

(The package is all packed by guests, PAPA K. Do Not participate in packing process

✔ The client is willing to be responsible for the risk of damage caused by such factors as handling, collision, natural disaster, etc

File Link (Select "Express Delivery"):

PAPA K. Official website terms and condition:

For more information about ☑ Pick-up ☑ Packing ☑ Files problem

Please do not hesitate to leave your comment for us❗

PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery

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