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🌏國際運輸澳洲到台灣。2018 完整流程及估價攻略






10KG 運費 AUD100。續重 每公斤 AUD7*

30KG 以上 每公斤 AUD8

100KG 以上 每公斤 AUD7


估價-> 報關文件-> 安排司機提貨/客人網路下單/親自送往倉庫-> 倉庫->空運


1. 司機到府取件 (每箱計算) (約2-3工作天送達倉庫)

小於25kg 運費 AUD25。大於25kg 每公斤 AUD1

*郊區外加 AUD 35 (依據郵政區號而定)

2. 網路購物 (賣家滿額直接免內陸運費到我司倉庫)

- 免司機提貨費

- 代收處理費: 以箱計算 每箱AUD3

3. 直接送到雪梨倉庫 (免提貨費)

- 免司機提貨費

- 免倉庫代收處理費

- 地址靠近Granville,NSW, 有需要會再給予詳細地址

📦以公斤為單位, 小數點無條件進位


(材積計算: 長 *寬 *高 公分 /5000)

PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery

👍 粉絲專頁:

🎩 官方網站:

📫 電子郵件:

🍀 LINE: (ID: @lia4960t)

🐦 Twitter:


🌏International Delivery from Australia to Taiwan, 2018 quotation

2018 New Year, in order to provide a better service quality to everybody

All the delivery process and enquiry quotation have a slight changed

Please be sure to read this carefully🤓

🇦🇺Australia to 🇹🇼Taiwan


10KG Shipping costs AUD100。AUD7*per KG over 10KG

Over 30KG, AUD8 per KG

Over 100KG, AUD7 per KG

✈Basic SOP:

Enquiry-> Provide customs documents -> Pick-Up/ Online Shopping/ Drop the parcel by yourself-> Warehouse-> Freight

🚛Methods of pick-up

1 The driver comes to your house for pick-up, and to send to local PAPA K. Warehouse (Base on number of boxes)

Parcel under 25kg, AUD25. Parcel over 25kg, AUD1 per kg

Suburban area will have AUD35 extra charge

(City and suburban costs will be based on the postcode)

2 International Online Shopping

Order and send to PAPA K. local warehouse

-Save pick-up charge

-Parcel collection charges, AUD 3 per box

-Request to purchasing store for international delivery packaging

3 Deliver the parcel to local PAPA K. warehouse by yourself

-Save pick-up charge

-Save parcel collection charges

-PAPA K. Australia warehouse is near Granville, NSW

(Please ask PAPA K. for the warehouse detail address)

📦The actual weight and volume weight to take a large value

Volume calculation method

Unit in kg, roundup as the whole number

(Length * Width * High cm / 5000)

PAPA K. International Delivery




LINE: (ID: @lia4960t)


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