🐰 PAPA K. 復活節運輸優惠彩蛋抽獎 🐣

集運/ 團運/ 代運 - 🇦🇺澳洲&🇺🇸美國運輸至🇹🇼台灣

LINE抽獎活動就有機會獲得限量版VIP彩蛋 AUD 6.5 per KG + USD 2.5 per LBS 運輸優惠卷

活動期限即日起到 14 April 2018 17:00 結束 (GMT+8)

🎁 活動辦法

LINE搜尋 @lia4960t 參加運輸優惠活動

活動網址請用行動裝置開啟: https://goo.gl/acB6KH


得獎者可獲得活動期間每公斤 AUD 7 +每磅 USD 3 彩蛋

或 "限量版" 每公斤 AUD6.5 +每磅 USD 2.5 VIP彩蛋

歡迎大家踴躍參與喔~ ✈


1. 完成以上活動辦法享有優惠

2. 以公斤為單位, 小數點無條件進位, 材積與實重取大的為主

3. 以上運輸只包含20kg以上運輸, 🇦🇺雪梨倉庫/🇺🇸美國˙倉庫空運到🇹🇼台灣指定地址

4. Line@ 只提供一般詢價估價等運輸問答服務,


5. Line@除了可一手掌握最新折扣外,


歡迎大家持續關注~有了 PAPA K. 全球運輸好簡單! 👻

⚠ 注意事項:

1. 優惠活動不得與其他優惠活動合併使用。

2. 折價優惠限 30 April 2018 底前使用截止。

3. 折價優惠僅澳洲至台灣運輸使用 & 不可轉讓。

4. 如有任何活動相關爭議,

PAPA K. 國際物流運輸保有最終的權利。

PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery

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🐰 PAPA K. Easter delivery discount event lottery 🐣

Discount from 🇦🇺 Australia & 🇺🇸 USA delivery to 🇹🇼 Taiwan

Line@ event, chance to get limited edition VIP discount AUD 6.5 per kg + USD 2.5 per lbs coupon

Event ends at 14 April 2018 (Gmt+ 8)

🎁 How to get the discount

APP Line search ID @ lia4960t to join the event lottery

Link are only available for smartphone: https://goo.gl/acB6KH

One user has only one chance to participate in the event

The winner can get discount for AUD7 per kg + USD 3 per lbs discount coupon

Or "Limited Edition" AUD6.5 per kg + USD 2.5 per lbs VIP coupon

Welcome to take your chance ~ ✈

🎁 Reminding

1. Complete all the above mentione activities to get the coupon

2. The actual weight and volume weight to take a greater value, unit in kg / lbs, roundup as the whole number

3. Coupon only available for over 20kg parcel delivery, from 🇦🇺Sydney Warehouse / 🇺🇸USA warehouse air freight to 🇹🇼 Taiwan destination

4. Line@ only provides quotation question and answer service

The official documents required for clearance please send by e-mail

5. Line@ ont only get the discount for the newest event, but also have other friends only discount in the futhure

Welcome to follow us ~ With PAPA K. global delivery simple and easy! 👻

⚠ Notice:

1. Easter discount cannot be used together with other/any discounts.

2. The easter discount ends on 14 April 2018

3. Discount is only qualified for shipment from USA or Australia to Taiwan only.

4. If there is any issues or arguments,

PAPA K. International Delivery retains the ultimate right.

PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery

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