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私人名義進口稅 (貨物價值+運費)*(稅率)

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2018 New Taiwan Import Allowance and Tariff description 📣


⭐ 2018 Tax exemption threshold for the duty-paid value of Taiwan's imports has changed from NT$3,000 to NT$2,000

According to the "Exemption From Import of Parcels and Goods" and the "Value Added and Non-Value Added Sales Tax Law", the duty-paid import parcel will be exempt if the dutiable value of imported parcels is under NT$2,000

However, if the dutiable value of imported parcels is over NT$2,000, custom will levy of import tax and GST

Customs Administration(MOF) notice:

💡 Why pay customs duties?

Tariffs are taxes levied by a country on goods importing and exporting its territory according to law

When you purchase goods through the internet and send it back to Taiwan, you are an importer in this case and might need to pay customs duties according to the tax laws of Taiwan

📍 Customs is under to the Customs Administration (Government Agencies)

Handle the charge of the management of customs duties, search and prosecution of smuggling, bonded, trade statistics and acceptance of other commissioned collection of taxes and fees, the implementation of control units

💡 How to check the import tax rate?

Please link to the official website of the CPT Customs Administration single window, and link into "Online Service" and "Online Application":

Calculation of import tax by person: (Value of Goods + Freight) * (Tax Rate)

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PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery

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