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#水水編 跟你說:別怕!💪

來自🇦🇺澳洲的 Nair 脫毛膏溫和不刺激,

☑全身肌膚 ☑臉部肌膚☑敏感性肌膚 皆可使用⭕



(購買前請先與PAPA K.專員詢問運輸建議)



POP DAILY ☀ Summer Savior☀

Summer is coming, it's the season to go to the beach having some water sports.🏖

Want to be hot but so embarrassed about your hair?

Don't be afraid of that 💪

The Nair from 🇦🇺Australia is a hair removal brand

It can be used on ☑ Whole Body☑ Face ☑ Sensitive Skin

Doesn't irritate your skin.

What are you waiting for?🔥🔥🔥

Purchase Information🛒:

(Please ask PAPA K. for Delivery advice before purchase)

💡Reminder: For the sensitive skin, please use the local test without an irritating outcome. In case of uncomfortable, please stop using💡

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