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好想賴在家💤Urban Outfitters 陪你過假日🌈

😭明天就要上班的憂鬱心情,就由Urban Outfitters來療癒吧💛🧡

🇺🇸來自美國的Urban Outfitters賣的不只是時裝,更是一種生活態度。注入多元元素,讓充滿著隨性青春氣息,滿足對獨一無二的特別追求。





(購買前請先與PAPA K.專員詢問運輸建議)


訂購後寄送至PAPA K.當地倉庫

再由PAPA K.寄送至世界各地


✈美國 🇺🇸 到台灣🇹🇼


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PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery

👍 粉絲專頁:

🎩 官方網站:

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🍀 LINE : (ID: @lia4960t)


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I Just Wanna Lay in My Bed💤 Urban Outfitters accompany you on weekend 🌈

😭 Tomorrow is Blue Monday. Don't worry, let Urban Outfitters heal your bad mood 💛🧡

🇺🇸America Urban Outfitters is a lifestyle retailer dedicated to inspiring customers through a unique combination of product, creativity and cultural understanding.

📝📝Especially apartment series, selling a lots of new and adorable accessories, you can find many special things on it.

🛒Purchase Imformation:

Apartment Series 👉:

Official website🌐:

(Please ask PAPA K. for Delivery advice before purchase)

United States 🇺🇸 All Over the World 🌎 Online Shopping

Simply drop your Order and Deliver to PAPA K. Local Warehouse, we will take care and Deliver to your destination All Over the World.

Shopping Details:

✈ United States 🇺🇸 to Taiwan 🇹🇼

Full Valuation Strategy:

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PAPA K. 國際物流運輸 International Delivery

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🍀 LINE : (ID: @lia4960t)


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